Beard transplant

Now a days beard such a popular accessory for men. Expecially in last 5 years the number of beard transplant increased significantly.

Why some men can not grow  beard? Does beard transplant really works? look natural? just keep reading..

Why some men can not grow beard?

Dear young friends who apply garlic and other things to skin, shaving with rasor for growing beard, just calm down wait until 21 years old.

If you are not 21 years old yet, and you can not grow beard do not worry, just give a time for your beard.

In males beard growth continues until the age of 21. (this number may vary in some people, explore men in your family). If you are older then 21 and you can not grow beard yet. The reasons can be:

  • Genetic reasons
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Some illness (such as alopecia areata)
  • Some drug side effects
  • Physical trauma (burning, deep cuts..etc)

If you can not grow beard because of hormonal imbalance, illness or drugs, first the reason should be treated. For example if you have testosteron imbalance, first this situation must be treated.

If the reason is genetic there is only one way and it is beard transplant.

What is beard transplant?

The follicules that is resist to baldness (the follicules in donor area -back of head are genetical resist to fall) transplant to face in beard transplant operation.

How is beard transplant perfomed? 

At İstanbul Hair Institute beard transpant is performed with FUE (folliculer unit extraction). FUE beard transplant is an extraction method that focuses on the removal of follicular units* individually through a special surgical tool, which is used for getting the grafts from the donor area of the patient. (*which is resistant to genetic pattern baldness) This new relocated natural follicules will stay and continue growing. For optimal graft survival after donor harvesting, careful handling of the grafts are essential.

Beard transplant requires more attention then hair transplant. Because facial skin more sensitive and softer then scalp. But healing period is shorter then hair transplant.

Who are the good candidates for beard transplant?

Healthy men over 21-22 can be a good candidates for beard transplant.


Do I feel pain during beard transplant?

Beard transplant is performed under local anesthesia so you do not feel anything during the procedure.

How many hours the beard transplant takes?

The beard restoration procedure roughly takes 2 to 5 hours depending on the number of grafts harvested.

What about the post-op?

The first few days after the procedure result in tiny crusts forming around each transplanted hair. Typically by the second day, patients are able to travel home and resume non-strenuous activities. The transplanted hairs will begin to fall out at around 3 weeks, and then start to regrow at 3-4 months.

You may think that a beard transplant is not a big procedure to worry about. Of course, there is nothing to worry about, but it is still a surgical procedure. Just make sure that an experienced hair restoration surgeon performs your transplant.


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