Direct Hair Implantation / DHI

Direct Hair Implantation DHI

Direct Hair Implantation or DHI, there is no need for reception incisions or holes on the recipient area. Hair follicles/ grafts are implanted directly to the area using the DHI implanter tool/choi pen


What is the difference between DHI and FUE?

With FUE metod,follicles are implanted by creating reception holes in the treatment area and placing the hair follicles into the holes. With DHI/Direct Hair Implantation there is no need to create reception holes in the treatment area before. Instead, with the DHI /Direct Hair Implantation the extracted hair follicles are directly placed. With DHI extracted follicles do not stay outside for a long time.

Is DHI better then FUE? It is not quite right to make such a generalization. The right treatment must be chosen according to each patients needs. For one DHI is the best metod, for the other FUE is the most effective metods.


DHI at İstanbul Hair Institute

First step; local aesthesia..The most painful thing in a hair transplant operation is the anesthesia injection. Many patients afraid of needle and it can be really painful. At İstanbul Hair Institute; we are applying anesthesia with a special medical device so our patients do not feel any pain during anesthesia application.

Second step; extraction.. Hair follicles/grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area using a specifically designed disposable tool. The follicles are then kept at a specific temperature and in a solution.

Third step; placement.. The hair follicles/ grafts are implanted directly into the region suffering from hair loss using a patented tool, the DHI Implanter, also with a diameter of 1mm or less, without prior creation of holes or slits. With the DHI Direct Hair Implantation, there is no processing of the hair follicles in order to avoid the effects of staying outside their natural environment for too long.


What are the advantages of DHI ?

  • The biggest advantage of DHI is to avoid the effects of staying outside too long. Extracted grafts/ hair follicles are stayed in special solution. Even tho the longer the waiting time, the greater the risk of damage to the hair cells. This situation effects the results. With DHI method the waiting time is reduced to a minimum.
  • The depth and angles of the planted hair determine the quality of the hair transplant. DHI implanter makes it easier to control the depth and angle.
  • The healing period is reduced. Because the transplantation procedure is carried out without opening channels.
  • With DHI implanter it is easier to access more areas so it is possible to have more natural look.
  • It is not neccessary to shave full head with DHI. Expecially women think it is a good advantage.
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