Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Your skin reflects your health. To take care of it, you need to build healthy habits. Cleaning is the key point.

To have cleaning routine is very important. You need to wash your face twice a day and using the products that is help to clean and moisturize.  Toners help to remove fine traces of oil, dirt, and makeup you may have missed when cleansing.  But all this can not be enough to deep cleaning.

To have healthy and beautiful skin regular maintenance visits for medical skin treatment can be really effective. With medical  skin care; wrinkles, acnes, skin stains, blackheads  and other deformations can be prevented before it started.

blankAbout the treatment

First doctor analize your skin and select the most suitable products then professional products are applied with the medical devices to you skin during medical skin care session.

Your skin is cleared of all blackheads and dirt whit special devices and products. Then  moisturizers (chosen according to your skin type)are  applied  for the tightening of the opened skin pores.

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