Salmon DNA

Salmon DNA Therapy

In order to stop our skin from aging or even making it (look) younger we use procedures like Salmon DNA Therapy. The Salmon DNA is obtained from salmon milk, this milk has the same chemical structure with human DNA.

Facial aging is a natural result as we become older. Our skin collagen renewal allows the skins to effect aging, elastin production, increasing blood supply, producing growth factors are used to counter these effects. However, this mechanism slows down with time. The aim of Salmon DNA is to speed up the process and renewal mechanisms of anti aging.

The Salmon DNA application is a kind of Meso-lifting application. It also creates a quick rejuvenation effects. The moisture allows agents bring brightness to the skin. Human DNA is very close to salmon DNA and is found in the blood flow in the dermis, growth factors, and enlarge the metabolic activities.

Salmon DNA Therapy is the latest and most favorite application of not only women but also men. SALMON DNA persistently remains effective for 2 years, at the end of which you may still extend the effect after a single session. In Turkey it is also known as the Rejuvenation Shot or Benjamin Button Effect because the skin revitalizes and makes patients looks younger and younger.


In what areas is Salmon DNA used?

In rejuvenation of areas such as face, forehead, around the lips and eyes, neck, and cleavage, elimination of wrinkles on hands, repair and rejuvenation of hands

Elimination of under eye bags

For aging and sunspots

How are the results after the procedure in terms of eliminating the dryness and intensely.


What are the advantages of Salmon DNA Therapy?

The skin looks more radiant and vibrantProtects against harmful effects of UVB lights

Hydrates the skin in depth and ensures permanent moisture

Enhances and firms the skin texture

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