Sapphire FUE

Sapphire FUE

Today, new technologies are used to have more natural look hair transplant.  FUE is the most modern hair transplantation technique. Sapphire FUE is one step forward.

What is sapphire blade? What are the advantages of it?

One of the important thing for a natural look and successful result is opening the channels with sapphire blades.

Sapphire blades are manufactured using a chemical process wherein the final product is composed of artificial sapphire, one of the hardest substances available (sapphire blades are rated a “9” on the Mohs scale of relative mineral hardness, one level lower than the hardest and densest of materials, diamond). Other blades will cut 2500-5000 slits and begin to dull. Will still cut but need a little force to go thru skin and not creat skin damage.When cutting in areas that still has hair follicles steel blades can cause more damage to existing follicles.

Sapphire blades with its smooth edge and sharp point will not damage existing hair,This is a very big advantage for sapphire. Sapphire blades are anti microbial.

Sapphire FUE step by step:



1- First, your procedure is planned:

When you come to our clinic, you will first meet Dr. Handan Yavuz.  She will analize yor hair, ask for the blood test for hair check-up. Dr. Handan will listen to your special requests. Also, the first question of “ The 6 Golden Questions” is answered before your hair transplantation: The ideal number of grafts for your procedure is calculated. Also, the areas and degree/level of your hair loss is determined. The transplantation areas planned to achieve your desired result.

2- To prepare the transplant areas

Dr. Handan Yavuz determinate the front line and other areas that will transplanted according to golden ratio technique .

3-Local anesthesia and extraction of the grafts from the donor area

At this step;  the healthy hair follicles from the donor area are collected.

Also at the stage, the answers to” the golden questions” should be sought too. The technical equipment is chosen to keep the outage (loss) ratio of the extracted grafts to a minimum. At every step, Dr. Handan Yavuz makes and applies the necessary decisions to limit the graft outage to a minimum.

  • The extraction of the hair follicles with FUE method is one of the main steps distinguishing FUE from earlier methods. With FUE, no linear incisions are made and the hair follicles are extracted individually. Selection of the surgical tools are important in terms of the graft outage ratios. Small incisions are occured during the individual extraction. These small incisions heals in a very short time.
  • The extraction is not performed randomly; the hair follicles are collected at equal distances from the donor area. Thus, no asymmetry occurs when the hair grows.

4- Preparation of the transplant area

After extracting of  healthy hair follicles from the donor area, grafts (follicles) are transplanted  to the bald spots (which are determineted in the first step)  In these  bald areas, new hair will grow.

  • Very small incisions are made in the transplant area with sapphire blades and the grafts (the follicles) are placed within these incisions.
  • It is of utmost importance to choose the spots where the new follicles are to be placed and to place these follicles with the correct angle. These strategic issues are directly related to the natural look after hair transplant.
  • The most important area is the front hairline. It should be remembered that when you look at yourself in the mirror or meet someone else, the first spot to set eyes on is your face and the surrounding hair. Placement of the hairline according to the golden ratio is another criterion for a natural result.

5- Transplanting the grafts

  • Now that the transplant area is ready, it is time to transplant the grafts (i.e. the hair follicles extracted from the donor area).
  • Each graft collected from the donor area is placed one by one on pre-determined spots on the bald area
  • At this stage, the hair strands should not be broken or damaged for the new hair strands to grow healthily. Also, placing the follicles in the appropriate areas with the natural angle is of utmost important to achieve a satisfactory result.
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