Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Evocapil Shampoo is suitable for daily use in women and men, with a pH (5.5) which is suitable for deep cleansing of hair and scalp and for maintaining sebum and pH balance of hairdressing. Can be used in all hair types. Contains; Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinly Tripeptide-1, ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Panthenol and Herbal Extracts.

Evocapil Anti Hair Loss Spray

Topical hair growth stimulant Evocapil. Skin spray contains; Apigenin, Oleanolic Acid, Biotinly Tripeptide-1. Evocapil AGA treats weak hair follicles and prolongs hair growth. Evocapil Skin Spray is applied typically in the long-term treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

Evocapil Intensive Tablets 60 Pcs.

It provides treatment support for all women and men who have problems with hair, skin, or nails such as hair loss, dandruff formation, acne, eczema, nail breakage, white stain formation in nails.It prevents easy breakage of hair and hair loss. Contains antioxidant active vitamins, minerals protect hair, skin and nails from harmful effects of free radicals, L-cystine, B12 Vitamin (Cyanocobalamin), Inositol B, J Vitamin, Vitamin H, B3 Vitamin, B9 Vitamin, B5 Vitamin, Zinc, Copper.

Evocapil Kur Complex ( Anti-hair loss spray+ Anti-hair loss shampoo + Intensive capsules)

Contains Evocapil shampoo, Evocapil anti hair loss spray and Evocapil Intensive Tablets 60 Pcs.

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