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Aria KabuliyanAria Kabuliyan
11:49 06 Jul 22
Istanbul Hair Institute staff members are very kind, I had a bunch of PRP sessions, which were very effective.Thank you Dr. Handan and the team.
Michelle OrozcoMichelle Orozco
22:47 06 Jun 22
İstanbul Hair Institute Good Transplant Based in Turkey, Wonderful Day for Last Week
Walter E. McgeeWalter E. Mcgee
22:26 06 Jun 22
Istanbul Hair institute experienced Doctor and exciting for my New Hair, Perfect Time
Sammy M. GeorgeSammy M. George
08:01 06 Jun 22
İstanbul Hair institute The Best Hair Transplant Place at Turkey
Umut ÖzbağrıaçıkUmut Özbağrıaçık
17:24 05 Jun 22
I got my hair transplated at Istanbul Hair Institute in February 2021. I was 21 years old when I decided to have a hair transplant so it was kinda early. After the procedure, it came out perfectly great and natural. Today, after 16 months, when I tell people I got a hair transplant, they are shocked. I would recommend 100%.
Sevo TurkeySevo Turkey
07:07 25 Dec 21
abdulla BDabdulla BD
13:40 04 May 19
One of the best hair clinic institutes found in Istanbul. Dr Handan has improved my hair strength and thickness and helped me grow new hair follicles.I Highly recommend istanbul hair clinic for those who seeking permanent solutions to stop hair loss
Mesut KamanMesut Kaman
13:13 19 Jan 18
After a long doubt, I made the step for a hair transplant. Have been well received from the Netherlands. Mr. Abdul is fluent in English, Dr. Handan also .. picked up from the airport, placed in a good hotel. The treatment was completely painless (Fortunately).Aftercare was good .. all in all a nice experience. Thanks again to Dr Handan and her team. Highly recommended...5 days later I went back to work ..
Eray YıldırımEray Yıldırım
09:56 17 Aug 17
They solved the hair loss problem I had for a long time in a short time.
09:43 17 Aug 17
successful place doctors in the business of hair successful people