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Hair Check-up

We always say to each patient who comes to our clinic regarding hair problems or wants to have a hair transplant; let us first see the results of hair check-up.

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What is a Hair Check-up?

We have got different devices that we can see patients’ hair roots bigger and closer. But what is going on in your body? why you lose your hair?.. to find out the answers to these questions we need some blood tests. A hair check-up is a series of blood tests that we can learn more about the reason for hair loss.
We know that in general the main reason for hair loss is genetic. But why this genetic process come earlier?

– Doc. I have a hair loss problem.

+ Ok. Does your father, uncle or grandfather have such a problem?

– Yes they have.

+ Then you have genetic history.

– My father started to lose his hair after 50 years but I started to have hair loss problems in my 30s.

So What is the Reason for Losing Hair at an Early Age?

Some women patients who have hair loss problems want hair transplant, ok .. but first we should search that if there any other problems that can cause hair loss. Because hair loss is just a sign that we see. And we all know that a hair transplant is a real solution. But first, we have to see what is going on in blood. Because our blood is supplying our body and also our hair. So with the blood test, we are looking what is the level of magnesium, zinc, iron, biotin, vitamin D.. etc. And of course, hormonal tests are so much important for patients who have got hair problems.
Sometimes men or women have got thyroid problems so we should check their thyroid stimulant hormone level. For the women, other hormones’ levels such as FSH, LH levels are should be checked. In the end, again our decision is not changed we plan a hair transplant operation. But if the patient has got some severe vitamin & mineral deficiency or has got hormonal imbalance we should manage this problem for a successful result.
That is why we always highlight that before any hair treatments first let see your blood test results and after hair transplant with oral treatment balance all this vitamin, mineral and hormones. In this way, we would have better results.

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