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Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow restoration in Istanbul has emerged as a highly sought-after procedure for individuals looking to rejuvenate and perfect their brows. As a city renowned for its expertise in cosmetic and hair treatments, Istanbul offers a variety of advanced techniques in eyebrow restoration, including microblading, eyebrow transplant, and other innovative therapies

These procedures are designed to enhance the natural appearance of the eyebrows, address thinning or uneven brows, and cater to those who have experienced hair loss due to medical conditions, aging, or over-plucking. With experienced specialists and state-of-the-art clinics, Istanbul is an ideal destination for anyone seeking to regain full, natural-looking eyebrows. 

What is Eyebrow Restoration?

Eyebrow restoration is a collective term for medical and cosmetic procedures that aim to enhance or rebuild the density and shape of the eyebrows. This field has gained traction as fuller, well-shaped eyebrows have become a prominent beauty trend, and many seek solutions for thinning brows due to genetics, aging, or over-plucking. 

Eyebrow restoration techniques are meticulously designed to enhance the natural arch, thickness, and color of the eyebrows, significantly improving facial aesthetics. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Eyebrow Restoration

Eyebrow Transplant guide

Eyebrow restoration is a transformative procedure designed to recreate or enhance the natural appearance of eyebrows for people who experience thinning or loss, often due to genetics, overplucking, or medical conditions. By following a carefully planned process, surgeons ensure that the patient has beautifully shaped and fuller eyebrows that perfectly match the facial contours.

  • The process begins with an initial consultation where the surgeon assesses the patient’s needs and desired outcomes. This involves evaluating the existing eyebrow hair, skin type, and medical history.
  • The patient discusses their expectations, and the surgeon provides information about the procedure, its benefits, and any potential risks.
  • Using the patient’s facial structure as a guide, the surgeon designs an eyebrow shape that complements the patient’s features.
  • The patient can give input on the final shape, ensuring that their aesthetic preferences are incorporated.
  • Hair follicles are typically taken from the scalp, often from an area where the hair texture matches the eyebrows.
  • The donor area is cleaned and numbed with local anesthesia to ensure the patient is comfortable.
  • Using a technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE), the surgeon carefully extracts individual hair follicles.
  • Alternatively, a strip harvesting technique may be used, depending on the patient’s unique needs and the surgeon’s approach.
  • The recipient eyebrow area is numbed with local anesthesia.
  • Small incisions are created in the designed eyebrow shape, where the new follicles will be placed.
  • The harvested hair follicles are implanted one by one into the incisions in the recipient area.
  • The direction and angle of each hair are carefully considered to achieve a natural-looking growth pattern.
  • After the procedure, the patient receives instructions on how to care for the transplanted area to promote healing and optimal results.
  • Swelling or redness might occur but usually resolves within a few days.
  • The patient is typically advised to avoid strenuous activities and direct sun exposure.
  • The transplanted hair will initially shed before new growth starts, which is a normal part of the process.
  • Full results are usually visible within several months as the new hairs grow and blend seamlessly with existing eyebrow hairs.
  • Follow-up appointments allow the surgeon to monitor progress and address any concerns.

Benefits of Eyebrow Restoration

Benefits of Eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow restoration offers a range of benefits that extend beyond mere cosmetic improvements, profoundly impacting an individual’s appearance and emotional well-being. 

Overall, the psychological and aesthetic benefits of eyebrow restoration make it a compelling option for individuals looking to make significant enhancements to their facial features. 

Types of Eyebrow Restoration Procedures

Istanbul has become a premier destination for eyebrow restoration, attracting individuals from around the globe seeking high-quality hair treatments. Choosing Istanbul for eyebrow restoration not only ensures access to top-tier medical care but also provides a chance to experience the unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. 

Expertise and Experience

Istanbul boasts numerous clinics specialized in eyebrow restoration, staffed by highly skilled and internationally trained practitioners.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Clinics in Istanbul utilize the latest technologies and techniques in the field, ensuring optimal results and minimal discomfort.


Compared to many Western countries, Istanbul offers these procedures at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality.

How Much Does Eyebrow Restoration Cost in Turkey?

The cost of eyebrow restoration in Turkey can vary greatly depending on the type of procedure and the reputation of the clinic. However, prices are generally more affordable than in other parts of Europe and North America. Our clinic, located in the center of Istanbul, offers packages with different contents. You can browse the relevant page for information.

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Despite the lower costs, the quality of care in Turkey is on par with international standards, making it a cost-effective option for those seeking eyebrow restoration. 

Eyebrow Restoration Options: Transplant, Microblading, and More

There are several eyebrow restoration techniques available, each with its own benefits and ideal use cases. 

  • Eyebrow Transplant: A permanent solution where hair follicles are harvested from another part of the body and implanted into the brow area. Best for those with very sparse or no eyebrows. 
  • Microblading: A semi-permanent technique that uses a fine blade to create natural-looking brow hairs. Ideal for enhancing existing eyebrows. 
  • Micropigmentation: Similar to tattooing, this method implants pigment deeper into the skin for a longer-lasting result. 
  • Growth Serums and Medications: Non-surgical options that stimulate natural hair growth but require ongoing application. 

With these varied options, individuals can choose the eyebrow restoration method that best suits their aesthetic goals and lifestyle preferences, ensuring results that enhance their facial features and boost their confidence. 

Achieving Natural-Looking Eyebrows with Expert Care

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At Istanbul Hair Institute, we pride ourselves on delivering eyebrow restoration services that yield natural-looking results. Our experienced team, utilizing the latest techniques in eyebrow restoration, ensures each client receives a personalized treatment plan designed to enhance their natural features while adhering to the aesthetic principles of facial symmetry. By integrating advanced procedures like microblading and transplant techniques, we aim to recreate the natural arch and fill of your eyebrows, ensuring a seamless blend with your existing hair. 

Our Experienced Eyebrow Restoration Team

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Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who specialize in the latest eyebrow restoration techniques. Led by Dr. Handan Yavuz, a renowned specialist with extensive experience in hair and eyebrow restoration, we ensure that every procedure, from consultation through to aftercare, is performed with the utmost precision and care

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best possible results in a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

Your Personalized Eyebrow Restoration Journey

We understand that each client has unique needs and aesthetic goals. That’s why we offer a personalized approach to eyebrow restoration at our Istanbul clinic. From your initial consultation, where we discuss your desired outcome and assess your current eyebrow condition, to the selection of the most suitable restoration method, we tailor every aspect of the treatment to suit your individual requirements. Our holistic approach not only addresses the cosmetic appearance of your eyebrows but also considers any underlying health factors that may affect hair growth. 

Contact Us Today for a Free Consultation

Begin your journey to perfect brows with a free consultation at Istanbul Hair Institute. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and discuss your eyebrow restoration options with our experts. Our friendly staff is here to assist you with all your queries and ensure you are fully informed about the process. You can reach us through our contact page or by visiting our clinic in person for a direct consultation. 

Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is reflected in every procedure we perform, making us a trusted choice for eyebrow restoration not just in Istanbul, but globally. You can contact us for free consultation. Contact us to get information about our packages and ask any questions you may have!

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