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"Effective communication between the doctor and the patient is the key element in a succesful hair transplantation."

Dr. Handan Yavuz is celebrating her 25th anniversary in profession. Dr Handan Yavuz believes that effective communication between the doctor and the patient is the key element in a succesfull operation.She treats her patients who reach her through the Istanbul Hair Institute Web Portal at the Medlook Clinic that she owns. Thousands of hair transplant operations were held in Istanbul hair institute successfully.


Main Reasons Why You Should Choose The Istanbul Hair Institute

Our head doctor, Dr. Handan Yavuz, is one of the most qualified hair specialists in Turkey. She works already for many years using the FUE technique, a revolutionary method deriving from Europe. The rest of our team consists of certified staff with many years of experience offering you the best treatment thinkable.

The most significant feature of a hair transplant is the planning of the slits where the grafts are placed in. The position of these slits determines the direction of hair growth. Dr. Handan Yavuz and her team are masters in giving your transplanted hair a totally natural look!

Which results can you expect? Do’s and don’ts after your hair transplant? These and all other questions will be answered. We are available before and after your treatment.

We work according to standard commercial rules, so no prepayments or down payments. You will pay for your treatment after your consultation with Dr. Handan Yavuz. This means you don’t have to worry that you will not receive the treatment you want and already pay a large amount upfront.

We provide a full warranty promising that your transplanted hairs will not fall out again. Our services are performed in one of the most prestigious hospitals in Turkey, with luxurious and comfortable accommodations, a high threshold of sanitation, painless treatments.

We provide transparent services with real, happy customers. Photos of patients are only placed on our website with their consent.


Our Speciality in Istanbul Hair Institute

Istanbul Hair Institute - Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

The problems such as hair loss, reduction or breakage are one of the most common problems faced by men and women at different ages. This problem may cause damaging of the self-confidence of the people and facing the problems in their social life.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments

We have got different devices that we can see patients’ hair roots bigger and closer. But what is going on in your body? why you lose your hair?.. to find out the answers to these questions we need some blood tests.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics

Aging is a process that affects all our body cells. Such as skin, bones, muscles our hair is getting old too; vascularization getting worse, the keratin structure of hair getting weak. In the end, we can lose hair. But it is possible to stop this with PRP.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The Services We Provide at Istanbul Hair Institute:

At Istanbul Hair Institute, our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. The fundamental element in this is that we believe in giving the most effective communication between you and your doctor.
When you decide to get quality hair transplant services and hair treatments at Istanbul Hair Institute; We serve you at the highest level by our qualified medical team and our latest technology methods.
The first feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is the holistic method we apply for the treatment of our clients with hair loss problems. We investigate the causes of hair problems experienced by our clients with a holistic method, and we develop personalized applications including hair transplantation and other combined treatments for the most effective and permanent solution.
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Istanbul Hair Institute - Medical Team Dr. Handan Yavuz

The Operating Team

The physician and the team performing the hair transplant have two key qualities; medical qualification and Aesthetic Vision.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Golden Ratio Technique Dr. Handan Yavuz

Golden Ratio Technique

The Golden Ratio technique is a method a physician who has an esthetic vision should know and apply in hair transplants. Why? Because the human face incorporates the Golden Ratio.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Dr. Handan Yavuz

Handan Yavuz MD

Dr. Handan provides all kinds of hair treatments at the Istanbul Hair Institute. Dr. Handan interested in Mesotherapy, Ozontherapy, Healthy Aging and she is still improving herself with educations.


Patient Experience in Istanbul Hair Institute

Istanbul Hair Institute - Medical Aesthetic Testimonial
Halise Karahan Teacher

I was experiencing wear and tear in my knee joints and serious pain as a result. I know that this condition may eventually require surgery, as both my sisters have the same problem. That's why it was really important for me to postpone this time and get rid of the pain. Dr. In the Medlook Clinic, both intra-articular ozone and intravenous ozone were applied. My pain stopped, my walks got longer. Maybe I didn't go for him, but even my eczema problem was relieved :)

Istanbul Hair Institute - Botox Treatment Testimonial
Su Sümeyye Atlı Influencer

I wanted to share my first wrinkle solutions experience with you. Thank you for helping me overcome my fears and feel so good. Thank you very much to Medlook Clinic.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Hydrafacial Skin Care Testimonial
Canan Güneş Bikini Fitness Model

Hydrafacial Skincare IN, classic skincare OUT... In Nişantaşı, Dr. It's an application that I have done at Medlook Clinic and I love it... You should definitely try it...

Istanbul Hair Institute - Hydrafacial Skin Care Testimonial
Aslı Mavitan Actress

Upon a recommendation, I went to Istanbul Hair Institute Clinic in Nişantaşı and had Hydrafacial Skin Care done. Frankly, I thought it would be a standard care and I did not expect much change since I clean my skin regularly. However, I can't tell you how happy I am after the procedure. I, who take extreme care of my skin cleaning, could not believe what came out of my skin. You should definitely try it.

Istanbul Hair Institute - Hair Transplant Testimonial
Anne Ofiste Actress

When I was a baby, the hair on my forehead had fallen to three with puberty. With the pregnancy, I'm really almost bald now. On my birthday this year, I went to the "hair doctor" as Can put it. We started an intensive care and treatment course. He never sold me "dreams", never said that I would have hair like a lion's mane. He said that if you do your homework, your hair will grow. Conclusion; We still have a ways to go, but I can't tell you how happy the tiny hair in this photo makes me.

Istanbul Hair Institute Google Comments

Aria KabuliyanAria Kabuliyan
11:49 06 Jul 22
Istanbul Hair Institute staff members are very kind, I had a bunch of PRP sessions, which were very effective.Thank you Dr. Handan and the team.
Michelle OrozcoMichelle Orozco
22:47 06 Jun 22
İstanbul Hair Institute Good Transplant Based in Turkey, Wonderful Day for Last Week
Walter E. McgeeWalter E. Mcgee
22:26 06 Jun 22
Istanbul Hair institute experienced Doctor and exciting for my New Hair, Perfect Time
Sammy M. GeorgeSammy M. George
08:01 06 Jun 22
İstanbul Hair institute The Best Hair Transplant Place at Turkey
Umut ÖzbağrıaçıkUmut Özbağrıaçık
17:24 05 Jun 22
I got my hair transplated at Istanbul Hair Institute in February 2021. I was 21 years old when I decided to have a hair transplant so it was kinda early. After the procedure, it came out perfectly great and natural. Today, after 16 months, when I tell people I got a hair transplant, they are shocked. I would recommend 100%.
Sevo TurkeySevo Turkey
07:07 25 Dec 21
abdulla BDabdulla BD
13:40 04 May 19
One of the best hair clinic institutes found in Istanbul. Dr Handan has improved my hair strength and thickness and helped me grow new hair follicles.I Highly recommend istanbul hair clinic for those who seeking permanent solutions to stop hair loss
Mesut KamanMesut Kaman
13:13 19 Jan 18
After a long doubt, I made the step for a hair transplant. Have been well received from the Netherlands. Mr. Abdul is fluent in English, Dr. Handan also .. picked up from the airport, placed in a good hotel. The treatment was completely painless (Fortunately).Aftercare was good .. all in all a nice experience. Thanks again to Dr Handan and her team. Highly recommended...5 days later I went back to work ..
Eray YıldırımEray Yıldırım
09:56 17 Aug 17
They solved the hair loss problem I had for a long time in a short time.
09:43 17 Aug 17
successful place doctors in the business of hair successful people


The Operating Team

The physician and the team performing the hair transplant have two key qualities; medical qualification and Aesthetic Vision.
Istanbul Hair Institute - Dr. Handan Yavuz Medical Team