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İstanbul Hair Institute 

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İstanbul Hair Institute

Since 2014, the İstanbul Hair Institute serves individuals from mainly Europe, Middle East and also Turkey. As a result patients from all around the world who prefer to have their hair transplantation done by hair transplant doctor and experienced medical team come to us. Because they know they will get a personalized treatment in our High class Hair Institute. So don’t hesitate and fill out our contact form and discover what we can do for your hair problems.

The services we provide at Istanbul Hair Institute:

Having high ethical standards are indispensable features for İstanbul Hair Institute.

We focus on getting a “Natural Look” for each hair transplant patient. Therefore our doctor and our medical team have high medical skills with aesthetic vision. Also, we serve both women and men. We decided everything together with you in every stage of your treatment process; especially relevant is that you can be sure we will keep all informations about you in the principle of confidentiality.

For all of us our hair is one of the most important accessory in our body. Regarding to this issiue our hair health, hair treatment and hair transplantation so much popular now a days. In many years İstanbul became a center of hair transplant and there more then 400 clinics in İstanbul. How can you chose the right one? There are some questions that you should ask. At Istanbul Hair Institute, you can find

“the answers of 6 golden questions about hair transplant”

  1. Does hair transplantation really work ?
  2. What is the optimum number of grafts during a hair transplantation?
  3. Can you transplant all the collected hair follicles ?
  4. What is the growth rate of the transplanted grafts?
  5. Does natural look guarantee after the hair transplantation?
  6. When my hairs grow up after the hair transplantation?

Our Vision: Being the first among equals!
Our Mission: “Performing the hair transplant with enthusiasm and care, so without losing sight of our target”

As İstanbul Hair institute we promise;

  • Always doing what we do best
  • Always setting the targets together with you
  • Performing the hair transplant with enthusiasm and care, without losing sight of our target.
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