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Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is known as a method most commonly used in regional slimming. The treatment is widely practiced today. Body mesotherapy, which aims to reduce fat cells by injecting small doses of drugs into the problematic area of the patient, is especially popular with female patients. In body mesotherapy, the patient’s metabolism is accelerated by the drugs injected under the skin. Thus, the patient weakens regionally and achieves the desired appearance.

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In Which Areas Is Body Mesotherapy Applied?

Mesotherapy method is also applied in different areas besides regional slimming. It is a form of treatment that is injected under the skin, applied in hair loss, cellulite removal, crack treatments in pregnancy. The success rate of body mesotherapy treatment is quite high. Therefore, the treatment is preferred by the patients. In order for the treatment to be successful, body mesotherapy must be performed by specialist physicians in sterile clinical environments. In addition, the fact that the patient does not interrupt the sessions given to him allows the body mesotherapy to give successful results. Application areas of body mesotherapy; It is performed in the form of legs, abdomen and stomach, back, arms, sides and lower legs.

Body mesotherapy treatments are listed as follows;

How is Body Mesotherapy Applied?

Various drugs are injected under the skin in the area related to body mesotherapy. Thanks to these placed drugs, the metabolism of the patient is accelerated by reducing the fat cells. The duration of the session to be applied to the patient in body mesotherapy varies according to the size of the area. Generally, the duration of mesotherapy takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Although it varies from person to person, 1 session is applied between 5 and 10 days on average. Afterwards, the patient is followed up with 1 protection session per month. In addition, the mesotherapy course can be repeated every 8-12 months.
There is no situation that requires the patient to rest after the treatment. The patient continues his normal daily life. He continues his daily life activities. However, the patient should avoid sunbathing and solarium during the body mesotherapy treatment period. Sensitivity and bruises on the skin are healed at the end of the treatment cure for the patient who performs body mesotherapy. The patient can sunbathe after the skin sensitivity has healed. After the completion of the treatment process, there is no harm in the patient’s sunbathing.

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