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5 Important Points of Hair Mesotherapy

Today we understand that just external cosmetic applications are not enough to look younger and beautiful. We have to listen our body and give enough attention to nutrition and replacement therapies. For healthy and high dencity hair we should do the same.

Many men and women have hair problems (hair loss, weakness, lose the brightness ) in their life times. Hair mesotherapy is the one of the most effective support treatments.

Here are the 5 important points of hair mesotherapy: 

1- What is hair mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy;is a Greek word and means; the treatment of the middle layer of the skin. Hair mesothreapy is the process that  injecting nutrient rich fluid which are needed for the hair to be strong and healthy.   Mesotherapy is also an effective in facial rejuvenation, scar and cellulite  treatments.

2- Who can apply mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy should only done by doctors in clinics or hospitals

3- What happens during your hair mesotherapy appointment?

Generally hair mesotherapy is applied only injections. According to our clinic experiences; with combined methods the results will be more successful.

Dr. Handan Yavuz applies hair mesotherapy  by 3 combined different methods:

4- Who are the good candidates for hair mesotherapy?

Women and men who suffers from hair loss and other hair problems are good candidate for hair mesotherapy.

5- How many mesotherapy sessions do I need?

How  many mesotherapy sessions you need is  determined according to your needs. Some patients need more, some need less. But approximately 3 session can be enough.

Who is the Best Candidate for DHI?

Dr. Handan Yavuz
Dr. Handan Yavuz

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