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How to Choose the Right Mesotherapy Product?

Mesotherapy; It is a frequent treatment of hair and skin. We need to choose the right mesothreapy product for the best results.

Ok .. How can we find the right one?

Quality! Product quality should be assessed such as the active ingredients, concantration and the price of the product.

Beware of very low priced products! Some may contain large amounts of endotoxin which may cause fever and redness.

The packaging is important! Mesotherapy product should not contain any particles; it shoul have a completely clear, homogeneous apperance.

It have to be sterilezed..But the method of sterilization is very important ! It should not be sterilized by gamma rays. Gamma rays break down the active ingredients in the mesotherapy product and cause the formation of free radicals

It should be noted that the application of quality mesotherapy products will not cause excessive burnning at the application area.

Dr. Handan Yavuz
Dr. Handan Yavuz

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