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Dr. Handan Yavuz

Dr. Handan Yavuz Biography

Dr. Handan Yavuz graduated from the Istanbul University İstanbul Faculty of Medicine, started her physician career at International Hospital.

She received her Anatomy degree at İstanbul University İstanbul of Medical Faculty Department of Anatomy.
Dr.Handan served as an executive director in the medico -marketing & training department in the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years. She participated in many scientific congresses at home and abroad. She had a chance to see and observe all around the World. Dr. Handan visited many hospitals and healthcare organizations with key opinion leaders.
In 2010; Dr. Handan Yavuz established her company; IMSTC (İstanbul Medical Support & Training Center) by putting all her 14 years of experience in medicine, pharmacy and marketing together. IMSTC provides consultancy services to many people or foundation (doctors, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies..) in the health sector.
Dr. Handan started health tourism operations these years. She served individuals from all around the world who prefer to have personalized, reliable and high-quality treatment in İstanbul. Dr. Handan concentrated in” Hair transplant and hair treatments” during these years.
Between 2012-2015; Dr. Handan worked as a cofounder at Medient Hospital İstanbul and she made hair transplantations and hair treatments at the same hospital. In 2014; she started to manage the İstanbul Hair Institute health tourism portal and on the 2016 Aesthetic Surgery İstanbul health tourism portal.
In addition to hair transplantation and hair treatments, Dr. Handan is also interested in Mesotherapy, Ozontherapy and Healthy Aging.

From October 2015 till now; Dr. Handan Yavuz offers a variety of treatments for women and men at Private Dr Handan Yavuz & Medlook Clinic

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