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Golden Ratio Technique


What is the golden ratio?

The Golden Ratio technique is a method a physician who has an esthetic vision should know and apply in hair transplants. Why? Because the human face incorporates the Golden Ratio.

The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci:

This drawing found beside his notes in Leonardo da Vinci’s diaries depicts a naked man in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs closed and apart and inscribed in a circle and square. Leonardo da Vinci called the body in the drawings as “the Proportions of Man”. Because it is associated with various numeric values and geometric forms. And this drawing is described as a work aiming to discover human beings, nature and harmony between them. Leonardo da Vinci is the first who used the term Golden Ratio or Divine Ratio. Golden ratio on the human face: Every human being wants to feel self-confident and to be prominent. Everyone who values his or her appearance and believes that expression is an important factor in his/her career, may have come across the term Golden Ratio.

The Human Face

The human face has multiple features reflecting the golden ratio, although it is not possible to measure and describe this ratio with a simple ruler. The values measured by the scientists have been defined as ideal ratios. In order to calculate the Golden Ratio on the human face, certain rules are required. Not every ideal face may correspond to these values. Based on the research and the obtained values, these measurements only describe an ideal appearance and it would not be right to expect all humanity to match with these ratios.


The physician performing the hair transplantation should determine the frontal hair line with the Golden Ratio and explain this rule to the patient. With the Golden Ratio technique, you will have a more natural look after the hair transplant.

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