Can hair loss be a sign of the coronary heart disease?

You have hair loss problem… What if baldness is a sign of the coronary heart disease?

Genetic factors, habits, some conditions can increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

There some risk factors for coronary heart diseases that you can not change such as age, sex, genetic..But there are some that can change such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol , obesity, diabetes, malnutrition, stress..

There is a scientific literature that was published at  International Journal of Cardiology 2014 According to this meta-analysis there is a link between baldness and coronary heart disease. 31 scientific studies investigated (29.254 people whose suffering from hair loss) and scientists realized that alopecia is related with coronoray heart dieases risk. Scientists suggest that baldness can be seen as one of the potential risk for heart diseases. According the other result of this meta-analysis; people who suffer from alopecia have higher risk for hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

So if you have hairloss problem, routine cardiologic examination can be more important for you.


Reference : Alopeciaanditsassociationwithcoronaryheartdiseaseandcardiovascular risk factors: A meta-analysis Nelson Trieu,  August 01, 2014The International Journal of Cardiology

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