Hair Transplant in Istanbul with FUE + PRP + Mesotherapy

5 Important Points of Hair Mesotherapy

BLOG 5 Important Points of Hair Mesotherapy Today we understand that just external cosmetic applications are not enough to look younger and beautiful. We have to listen our body and give enough attention to nutrition and replacement therapies. For healthy and high dencity hair we should do the same. Many men and women have hair […]

How to Choose the Right Mesotherapy Product?

BLOG How to Choose the Right Mesotherapy Product? Mesotherapy; It is a frequent treatment of hair and skin. We need to choose the right mesothreapy product for the best results. Ok .. How can we find the right one? Quality! Product quality should be assessed such as the active ingredients, concantration and the price of […]

How to Choose the Right Anti-Hair Loss Product?

BLOG How to Choose the Right Anti-Hair Loss Product? Topical anti hair loss support therapy; It is the name has given to sprays, serums, cream an lotions applied to the scalp superficially. Many men an women whose suffer from hair loss start to use these kind of products first. But which one is better? which […]

Daily Life After Hair Transplant

BLOG Daily Life After Hair Transplant One of the most frequently asked questions; how is daily life after hair transplant? In fact from the first day after hair transplant daily life begins.  You can stand up immediatly and can walk paying attention the duration. On the second and third day after surgery, we do not […]


BLOG DHI vs FUE Which one is better ? DHI or FUE? These are the same methods? How different are they?.. These is the one of frequently asked questions. Many people think that these are totaly different methods.First it is important to make definition clearly..FUE means : Follicular Unit Extraction. Follicular unit is a hair […]

What Are the Benefits of Stem Cells Treatment for Hair?

BLOG What are the benefits of stem cells treatment for hair? Stem cells are such important because they are new cells developers. Stem cells have unique abilities such as proliferation, self-renewal, divide to specific cells -differentiated tissues, repairing damaged tissue.For this reason stem cells are used for many treatments and esthetic applications in medicine.Stem cells […]