How to choose the right anti-hair loss product?

Topical anti hair loss support therapy; It is the name has given to sprays, serums, cream an lotions applied to the scalp superficially.

Many men an women whose suffer from hair loss start to use these kind of products first. But which one is better? which content and features should the products used in ? Lets see

The product;

  • Should activate hair follicles in telogen phase (resting phase)
  • Shoud be nanoparticular; easily absorbed by the scalp
  • Should accelerate blood flow in capillaries supplying hair
  • Should reduce the effect of DHT on hair follicles
  • Should provide moisture to feed the scalp
  • Should be clinicaly proven effectiveness
  • Should have high reliability, no side effects
  • Should not contain chemicals that damage the skin or hair in long term usage
  • Should not harm the color pigments in hair and scalp
  • Should not cause skin allergic reactions
  • Must be compatible with skin PH
  • Should protect fat balanced of the skin
15 January 2019 Genel

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